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The Cursed Land


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The Cursed Land

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The Cursed Land is a Web2, Web3 and AI cross-platform Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by PopuGames for mobile devices and PC.
In game, the players can explore a fantasy world full of dangers and adventures, as well as the tension of the conflict between the two kingdoms that are fighting for control of the world.

The world is populated by malefic creatures controlled by AI and the players must fight against them to level up and improve their equipment. As well as to help their kingdom gain the upper hand in the conflict.
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The game allows duels between players using both Web2 and Web3 technologies. The players can unite in groups & guilds to fight against other groups and guilds to support the interests of their kingdom, to fight against stronger monsters or to explore more difficult areas.

These fights against monsters and duels between players are scored and rewarded with the game's cryptocurrency - TCL.
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An interesting aspect of the game is that players can sell their items (such as weapons, armor, and other equipment) on the metaverse marketplace.
The players can open their own virtual shop in the game world and sell their items for TCL tokens or in game currency. This offers an opportunity to do business in the game.
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The Cursed Land has a multi-language system, offering a more personalized experience for players from around the world can enjoy the game in their own language.



Q2 2023
Project Start
Website v1.0
Q3 2023
Alpha version Game
Lander App(Dashboard)
Seed Round One
Q4 2023
Seed Round X
Web3 public testing
Website v2.0
Private Sale
WEAPON 2.png
Q1 2024
Beta version Game
Reward release
Public Sale
NFT sale
Q2 2024
Game Launch
Token Listing on DEX


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Marius Răcășan
Founder & CEO

George C.png
George Costandache
Game Artist
Cristian Georgescu dual.png
Cristian Georgescu
UX & UI Designer
Nizar M.png
Nizar Mhadhbi
Lead Developer
Engin Özdemir.png
Engin Özdemir
Game Moderator
Iulian Curte dual.png
Iulian Curte
Full Stack Developer
Pana Alexandru.png
Alexandru Pană
Community Manager
Racasan Ionela.png
Ionela Răcășan
Level Designer
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